A group of doctors stand ready with face masks in place.

What is Salisbury, MD doing to combat the coronavirus?

Salisbury Coronavirus FAQs

“I believe that we are being tested here, not only as a city, not only as a community and a state and a nation, and indeed all of humanity, but we are going to prove that we can come through this strong.” – Salisbury Mayor Jake Day

Without a strong federal mandate in the face of the coronavirus, states have been working to concoct their own solutions to the current difficulties. Salisbury is no different, with Mayor Jake Day implementing steadily increasing procedures as the ever-changing situation warrants.

With so much happening and evolving, both on the Delmarva peninsula and throughout the nation (and across the world, for that matter), it can be hard to keep track of what’s actually being done to slow this virus down and ensure humanity’s ultimate victory over it. What are we doing in Salisbury, MD to overcome COVID-19?

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Measures to Combat COVID-19 in Salisbury, MD

On the 16th of March, the Salisbury government closed down all but essential services. This means that the mayor’s office, police, fire, EMS, water and sewer, streets and parks, sanitation, traffic, and code enforcement departments are all continuing uninterrupted. Mayor Day noted that as time goes on, more services may be dialed back, but he particularly emphasized a determination not to disrupt the clean water and sewer services.

In addition, since contact with others is the main cause of the virus’s spread, all elements of the Salisbury, MD government are limiting their access to the general public and to people in general.

Despite the quarantine, outdoor exercise is still allowed while utilizing social distancing. This makes it a great time to hit up a park/nature reserve or take a day trip to a national park!

Will Salisbury, MD have a place to get tested for the coronavirus?

Mayor Day discussed the intention of setting up a drive-through testing hub, but as of March 16th, it was not ready yet. The ability for individuals to get tested for the virus in a sanitary manner has been deemed important for cutting down on infections moving forward.

Are evictions and utility shutoffs halted for the coronavirus in Salisbury?

Mayor Day also announced that an emergency period has been implemented during which all evictions will be halted. No electricity or water shutoffs will occur during the emergency period or the 30 days following.

What if my license expires during the COVID-19 emergency period in Salisbury?

All licenses set to expire on March 5th and after have been extended until 30 days after the state of emergency.

What will happen to the homeless population in Salisbury during the coronavirus?

As of March 16th, all city-funded homeless services were remaining in operation.

Is municipal parking free during the emergency period in Salisbury?

Yes, municipal parking in Salisbury is free until further notice.


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