Taillight and name of upcoming Hyundai Bayon

Will the Hyundai Bayon come to the United States?

Those plugged in closely to the colorful world of Hyundai have likely heard recently of a newly announced model called the Bayon. Though not many specifics are yet known, the Bayon is advertised as being an affordable SUV. A first look is expected to be granted to the salivating masses in the first-half of 2021.

Hyundai has made it clear the Bayon will be coming to Europe. But will any incarnation of the Hyundai Bayon be released in North America?

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Possibility of a U.S. Release of the Hyundai Bayon

Currently, it seems unlikely that any incarnation of the Hyundai Bayon will be released in the United States. Hyundai has stated that the Bayon will serve the role of being an entry-level model to its SUV lineup. In North America, the Hyundai Venue currently serves this role, and has been very successful in doing so.

The Venue, which is sold in Australia, India and North America, has been growing increasingly popular since its release. It doesn’t seem necessary for Hyundai to slot a new model in underneath the Venue in these markets. Instead, we expect them to focus their efforts on other new SUVs and the EVs that are slated to be an ever-growing part of the automaker’s future lineup.

In Europe, where the Venue is not sold, Hyundai sees a hole in their current lineup that they hope to fill with the Bayon. The European market has demand for a smaller SUV that can serve as an entry-level utility vehicle. The model will join the Kona, Tucson, NEXO and Santa Fe in the Hyundai SUV lineup on the continent.

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Where does the name of the Hyundai Bayon come from?

Cementing its European emphasis, the name of the Hyundai Bayon is inspired by the city of Bayonne in France.

What do we currently know about the Hyundai Bayon?

Not too much is currently known about the Hyundai Bayon, aside from what’s been revealed in a tweet from the automaker:

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