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The letters D and C appear in neon, flanking a blue plug icon and some Christmas lights below

What is DC fast charging?

DC Fast Charging Explanation, Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’ve been getting involved in the EV game, you’ve likely at least seen the phrase “DC Fast Charging” batted around. Contrary to what one may assume, this name is not a reference to DC comics. What, then, is DC fast charging, exactly?

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Where can I order Mexican food in Salisbury, MD?

Mexican Take-Out and Delivery on the Delmarva Peninsula

If you’re hankering for some Mexican cuisine, the restaurants below will have you covered. They’re all currently offering take-out, delivery, or both, so you can enjoy delightful south-of-the-border dishes conveniently from home. This is always a welcome option, but it’s particularly pertinent right now due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So read on, pick out a restaurant that speaks to you, and enjoy! Buen provecho.

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White 2020 Hyundai Elantra driving along a highway

Where can I find Hyundai payment deferment offers in Salisbury, MD?

Hyundai Assurance Payment Relief Program in Salisbury, MD

With the financial impact of COVID-19 being nothing to scoff at, many automakers have provided appealing payment deferment offers to help prospective buyers and current customers alike deal with these unforeseen economic difficulties. One automaker to offer some great potential solutions is Hyundai. Where can one take advantage of the enticing Hyundai deals brought on by the coronavirus pandemic in Salisbury, MD? Continue reading

A group of doctors stand ready with face masks in place.

What is Salisbury, MD doing to combat the coronavirus?

Salisbury Coronavirus FAQs

“I believe that we are being tested here, not only as a city, not only as a community and a state and a nation, and indeed all of humanity, but we are going to prove that we can come through this strong.” – Salisbury Mayor Jake Day

Without a strong federal mandate in the face of the coronavirus, states have been working to concoct their own solutions to the current difficulties. Salisbury is no different, with Mayor Jake Day implementing steadily increasing procedures as the ever-changing situation warrants.

With so much happening and evolving, both on the Delmarva peninsula and throughout the nation (and across the world, for that matter), it can be hard to keep track of what’s actually being done to slow this virus down and ensure humanity’s ultimate victory over it. What are we doing in Salisbury, MD to overcome COVID-19? Continue reading

A Zipcar parked on a street.

Is Zipcar available in Salisbury, MD?

If you’re like us, you’re intrigued by the unique car-sharing service known as Zipcar. While we’re not sure how practical and financially feasible using a Zipcar rather than a personal vehicle is on a daily basis, it’s at least a creative idea and could be good for certain individuals whose lifestyle is suits.

But Zipcar is not available everywhere. It’s only in select countries, and within those countries, select cities. Do we have Zipcar here in Salisbury? Continue reading