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side view of a tan 2019 Hyundai Nexo

Why is the NEXO not covered by Hyundai complimentary maintenance?

The Unique Hyundai NEXO and its Exclusion from Complimentary Maintenance Coverage

The Hyundai NEXO is a bit of an outlier in our favorite automaker’s lineup in several ways. One of these is in maintenance coverage; while Hyundai offers excellent warranty coverage for its models, the Hyundai NEXO is exempted from the standard coverage and complimentary maintenance, instead getting its own unique allotments. What’s the reason for this?

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The letters D and C appear in neon, flanking a blue plug icon and some Christmas lights below

What is DC fast charging?

DC Fast Charging Explanation, Benefits and Drawbacks

If you’ve been getting involved in the EV game, you’ve likely at least seen the phrase “DC Fast Charging” batted around. Contrary to what one may assume, this name is not a reference to DC comics. What, then, is DC fast charging, exactly?

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The word hope shines atop two cycling wheels

Where can I watch the Hyundai Hope on Wheels commercial?

Hyundai Hope on Wheels Commercial and Video Compilation

Many have been inspired over the years Hyundai Hope on Wheels program. It’s wondrous how, in addition to making excellent vehicles, Hyundai makes an effort to improve this little blue marble on which we live. The HoW program specifically aims to do this by battling childhood cancer.

To celebrate the efforts of this organization, we’ve compiled a sampler platter of some heartwarming Hyundai Hope on Wheels moments. Below, you’ll find tear jerking videos and commercials. If you’re interested in more, head to the Hyundai YouTube channel. You may even stumble across the dedicated “Hope on Wheels” account for more relevant content.

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Man ponders about names

Where do Hyundai model names come from?

We love Hyundai for many reasons. One of these is the stylish, edgy, creative names that they bestow on their vehicles. The automaker’s chosen monikers always seem to perfectly encapsulate what the vehicle is intended to represent.  

And these names are not merely random words that sound good. They all have specific inspirations and meaning. Read on to find out just where each current name in the Hyundai lineup comes from!

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A heart balloon embraces a knee in a symbolic depiction of a driver's knee airbag

Is a driver’s knee airbag important?

Safety Benefits and Drawbacks of the Driver’s Knee Airbag

You may have heard tell of a little airbag that pops out of some vehicles at knee-level and cushions the driver’s knee. As one would predict, this device is known as the “driver’s knee airbag.” It’s been becoming more common in new cars, and both automakers and reviewers seem to enjoy mentioning its presence in vehicles.

But the idea of a driver’s knee airbag may sound a little ridiculous to some. Does the driver’s knee airbag actually contribute to safety?

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